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Textured Caulk

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Production Time Approx. 0 to 5 weeks *This is an estimate based upon size of order

$12.00 / each

Our caulking is perfect for touching up and sealing the edges of our faux beams and panels for a seamless look. All our caulking is UV Resistant, seals permanently, has very high elasticity and made for interior or exterior use. We recommend ordering 1 tube per 4 panels.

The caulk color is meant to compliment our beams & panels. Utilize the paint(s) from our touch-up kit to blend the caulk in for a perfect match.

Colors coordinate with our panels and beams as follows:

Adobe - Sienna, Burnished

Buff - Frosted Cream, Log

Espresso - Adobe Brown, Espresso Brown, Fresh Coffee

Southern Gray - Caramel Buff, Beach Buff

Standard Gray - Redstone, Mity Gray, Cliff Gray, Lead, Oxford Gray, Weathered Gray

Standard Tan - Chicago Red, Mountain Gray, Volcano

Tahoe Gold - Pioneer

Walnut - Sable

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