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7 Mobile Home Siding Ideas - Affordable and Easy to Install

7 Mobile Home Siding Ideas - Affordable and Easy to Install

Refreshing your mobile home’s exterior with new siding is one of the most dramatic ways you can boost curb appeal.

While there are many faux exterior siding choices out there, polypropylene faux stone, brick, and wood siding panels are the ultimate choice in affordable, DIY-friendly products. With superior durability, they can help you achieve nearly any look you're going for.

Using our large selection of exterior siding panels,we’ve put together a list of seven mobile home siding ideas to inspire your upcoming home transformation.

7 DIY Mobile Home Siding Ideas

Our collection of siding panels is ideal for sprucing up your mobile home exterior. For a dramatic home upgrade, look no further than these DIY mobile home siding ideas!

Modernizing a mobile home with faux stacked stone siding panels

1. Modernize Your Mobile Home With Faux Stacked Stone

Stacked faux stone panels are popular for modernizing and adding dimension to a home’s exterior. Available in six breathtaking colors, these stacked stone panels look like real, authentic stone. Install faux stacked stone siding as skirting, as a decorative accent wall, or cover your entire home.

Surrounding a mobile home with realistic looking faux river rock siding panels

2. Surround Your Mobile Home with Realistic Faux River Rock

No matter where you live, faux river rock siding panels can bring a touch of nature to your home’s exterior. Available in three colors, faux river rock panels appear as though the smooth rocks were just pulled from the river!

Dressing up patio wood and concrete foundations with faux exteriors siding panels

3. Dress Up Your Porch or Deck

Bring some originality to your deck or patio! Instead of staring at your patio’s wood or concrete foundation, use faux exterior siding panels as skirting to create an impressive finished look that you’ll want to show off.

Beautifully framed front porch accent wall using faux siding panels

4. Feature Your Front Porch With an Accent Wall

For an impressive-looking accent, install faux exterior siding panels on the gables of your front porch. Hand-split shakes or half-round shake siding panels are just two of the many great siding panel options available that come in several colors! For a more striking look, select a siding panel contrasting with the rest of your home's siding.

Faux siding used as mobile home skirting to add design and appeal and keep out rodents and pests

5. Install Mobile Home Skirting/Underpinning

Faux stone siding as mobile home skirting provides more than just lasting aesthetic appeal. It can prevent pests and rodents from going underneath your home and will likely meet or exceed your local building codes and mobile home park regulations.

Using faux brick exterior siding panels for a more modern mobile home appearance

6. Replace Boring Mobile Home Siding with Faux Brick

Brick exterior siding panels are crafted to mimic the look and feel of hand-laid brick. Replace your dated siding with faux brick siding for a timeless and bold mobile home exterior. With four realistic colors to choose from, you’re sure to find one that adds the perfect welcoming touch to your home.

Using faux cedar exterior siding panels shakes to add rustic beauty to mobile home skirting

7. Lean Into Rustic Beauty With Faux Cedar Shakes

Shake exterior siding panels bring the gorgeous look of authentic hand-split cedar shakes to your mobile home. Their varied widths and heights lend a rustic, almost whimsical feeling to your exterior. Use them around your entire home, or as a decorative accent.

Benefits of Faux Exterior Siding Panels

After reviewing these mobile home siding ideas, you may be wondering, “Why don’t I just install natural stone, brick, or wood siding?”

Take a look at the many benefits we’ve listed below of choosing faux stone, brick, rock, and wood siding panels over real, natural materials. We think you’ll find that the decision is easy!

  • Faux stone, brick, rock, and wood exterior panels cost much less than their natural counterparts. Faux siding is more affordable to purchase, ship, and install, leaving extra money in your pocket for other home upgrades!
  • Natural stone, brick, rock, and wood siding are cumbersome to handle, so professional installation is required. Faux exterior siding is lightweight and easy to DIY. Your project could be completed over a weekend using tools you may already own.
  • Lightweight faux siding panels won’t put extra stress on the structure of your home.
  • Natural materials require upkeep and maintenance which can be time-consuming and expensive. Faux siding panels don’t require much upkeep. Each panel is crafted from durable polypropylene that can be cleaned as needed with a damp cloth.
  • Faux siding panels are durable, long-lasting products. Siding panels won’t attract pests, are resistant to fading in the sun, are resistant to cracking or chipping, and are resistant to water and extreme temperatures.

Explore Our Faux Exterior Siding Varieties

Once you’ve decided which mobile home siding idea you like best, it's time to take a look at your siding style and color options. Each exterior siding panel variety is available in multiple colors, so you’re sure to find the one that suits your tastes.

If you’re unsure which is your favorite, order a sample and see how it looks against your home, your landscaping, and the natural light in your area.

Find more exterior design inspiration on our website!