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Commercial Space Transformation with Faux Wood Beams

Commercial Space Transformation with Faux Wood Beams


We all know how affordable, easy and versatile faux wood beams are for home design and improvement projects.  They’re lightweight, attractive and maintenance-free.  For these reasons, commercial contractors and designers often choose faux wood beams as their material of choice in commercial jobs.  

Take a look around

Restaurants, bars, retail centers, hotels, resorts, open-air malls (yes, they can be used outdoors!)…name a place and they probably have some sort of faux wood decorative features like beams, planks or other accessories. The versatility of faux wood makes it easy to create a distinct look within a space.  For example, faux wood products can produce the desired ambiance in a bar or lounge, but the same product may be used for an entirely different look, say to enhance the features of a hotel or resort lobby. It’s all in what style, finish and design scheme is chosen for the particular project.  

AZ Faux supplies faux wood products to builders, contractors and designers for a variety of commercial uses. Recently, AZ Faux took part in a restaurant renovation project where dark, distressed faux wood beams and accents were installed to enhance the high ceilings and open walkways throughout a restaurant. The result was a completely transformed space that welcomes patrons stopping in for a meal or just a cocktail.  

Enhancing decor and creating mood

Faux wood beams and a variety of other decorative accessories were used in this restaurant transformation project. The approach was unique, yet it complimented the existing design scheme and atmosphere of the space. Here are some of the elements that were added to create the space:

  • Dark, distressed beams establish a cozy, tranquil atmosphere for dining and socializing.
  • Arch truss beam design draws attention up, rounding out the ceiling without being too gaudy or extravagant.
  • The combination of dark color and rich texture gives a sophisticated rustic feel.  
  • In the central dining space, kneebraces soften the appearance of dramatic beams running the ceiling length.
  • Walkways surrounding the dining space are established by the use of shorter beams and decorative corbels.  
  • Overall beam structure pairs well with the tile work and lighting, producing an elegant, yet relaxed Mediterranean vibe.

Projects like this make it clear how possible it is to transform a commercial space with faux wood materials. Next time you’re in a restaurant, mall or hotel, take a look around.  You’ll be surprised at how many establishments incorporate faux wood beams and decorative accessories. Perhaps what’s most advantageous about faux wood products is how unique and adaptable they are to each project—every space feels and looks different.

No matter the stage of your commercial project, AZ Faux is here to help.  From design ideas, material selection, installation tips or finishing techniques, AZ Faux can be of assistance. To find out why commercial builders, contractors and design professionals rely on us for all their faux wood needs, contact AZ Faux  today.  

Commercial Space Transformation with Faux Wood Beams: Dark beams establish cozy, tranquil atmosphere

Commercial Space Transformation with Faux Wood Beams: Arch truss beam design

Commercial Space Transformation with Faux Wood Beams: Sophisticated Rustic Feel

Commercial Space Transformation with Faux Wood Beams: Dark Color and Rich Texture

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