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Faux Wood Beams

Easy-Install Faux Wood Beams

Easy-Install Faux Wood Beams

Ever enter a home or business to have your eyes gaze up at a beautifully beamed ceiling?  As a homeowner, you might be in awe, wondering how much the materials cost and how long the beams took to install.  If you’re a contractor or designer, it’s probably instinctual for you to inspect materials and installation techniques.  In either scenario, it’s not until you’re faced with a DIY project or undertaking a new job that you give much thought to what you’d use to achieve the same result.

Let us help make the choice easier…

AZ Faux's customers love our line of faux wood beams, arched beams, trusses & mantels for many reasons.  The following benefits apply not only to our beams, but to every faux wood product we sell:

  • cost effective products and installation
  • low maintenance finished product
  • customizable options for any home/business

We get questions from customers all the time about installation time and cost.  It’s natural to want to know what you’re getting into before you order beam samples or finalize your purchase. This is why we’ve provided plenty of installation tips and video tutorials to show you just how quick and easy our beams are to use in any residential or commercial application.   

Faux wood beam features

They’re Lightweight:  Faux wood beams are so easy to handle that with a little assistance from a helping hand, installation can easily be completed by two people.   This means less manpower, less labor and less cost. Real wood is very heavy, oftentimes awkward to carry and lift which requires more people for the installation process.  Naturally, these conditions lengthen the time it takes to finish the project and may affect labor costs.

They’re Hollow. This characteristic affects ease of installation, but also impacts the types of applications in which faux wood beams are suitable. contractors, designers and homeowners appreciate this feature because it enables design and installation for surround sound, recessed lighting, electrical components as well as the option to hide wiring or structural flaws.  Real wood beams are solid and don’t offer this advantage.

They’re Customizable.  While this doesn’t directly affect the installation process, it does impact how long it takes you to complete the project from start to finish.  There’s the option of purchasing finished beams for quick projects, or choosing unfinished materials for your own staining or painting techniques.  If you’re considering real wood beams just know that what you see is what you get.

Check out our installation tips and videos to see for yourself why faux wood beams are our customer’s first choice for residential and commercial projects!   Contact AZ Faux Beams today for more information!

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