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Faux Wood Beams

Faux Wood Beams In Cathedral Ceiling – AZ Faux Beams

Faux Wood Beams In Cathedral Ceiling – AZ Faux Beams

Last month on the blog we featured an amazing transformation in one Pennsylvania customer’s backyard. You can see for yourself; the after photos are astonishing! With some creativity and thoughtful design, our customer created an outdoor oasis to include a covered upper level living space with cathedral ceiling, patio level outdoor kitchen and dining area, as well as surrounding hardscape to highlight the pool. It doesn’t even look like the same home!

But, would you believe that’s not all? Walk around to the front of the house and you’ll see how the homeowner completely remodeled the exterior to include an open porch with cathedral-style ceiling using faux wood beams.  The before picture shows a one-dimensional facade with the driveway coming straight up the center of the yard. While the home features a very welcoming front door and beautiful windows, it’s flat and lacks depth.

Faux Wood Beams In Cathedral Ceiling: Before (flat and lacks depth)

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So how did he do it? In order to carry out his vision there were several challenges. The driveway needed to be relocated to the front left of the home, extending down the side to the garage. Then, the new sidewalk and patio were laid to establish the foundation for the remodel. Support columns followed, and the cathedral-style roof.

Faux Wood Beams In Cathedral Ceiling: Patio were laid to establish the foundation for the remodel

Faux Wood Beams In Cathedral Ceiling: Sandblasted faux wood beams were installed

  Once the framing was complete, sandblasted faux wood beams were installed. From there the cathedral ceiling was built out and additional beams used inside and outside. The homeowner chose to install lighting in the faux wood beams for additional illumination. Stone veneer was added to the columns and exposed foundation on the patio to tie the whole look together. Landscaping followed then all that was left was arranging patio furniture and hanging chandelier lighting! 

Faux Wood Beams In Cathedral Ceiling

New sidewalk and patio with hanging chandelier lighting 

Easy, lightweight, user-friendly—watch our faux beam installation videos.

Carefree Outdoor Living with Maintenance Free Faux Wood Beams

Outdoor living spaces aren’t limited to your backyard. Many homeowners find that expanding upon the front of their home can provide not only curb appeal and a great first impression, but additional spaces to relax and enjoy nature. Faux wood beams are a superior product to use in exterior applications because of their maintenance-free properties and ability to withstand the elements.

Unlike real wood, faux wood beams have the following characteristics, making them an excellent choice for outdoor use…

  • Eco-friendly
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Abrasion + wear resistant
  • Sunlight + UV stable
  • Don’t attract termites + other wood-boring pests

Accent Outdoor Living Spaces with Faux Wood Beams

Whether you’re considering a few decorative accents to enhance an outdoor living area, or you’re planning an entire home exterior renovation like this PA homeowner, faux wood beams are a practical, affordable and easy material choice to get the job done.

Curious how you can get similar results using faux wood beams outside of your home? Contact us today to speak with one of our architectural consultants and we’ll help you get started.