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Faux Wood Beams

Faux Wood Beams In The Bedroom

Faux Wood Beams In The Bedroom

Exposed beams have become a popular design feature, and for good reason. They add interest to an otherwise bland ceiling, make a space feel warmer and more cozy by bringing the ceiling’s elevation down visually, and overall allow for a wider range of creativity. Faux wood beams can be used in any area of a home, including the bedroom.

Exposed beams provide a warming effect that can boost comfort in the bedroom, which is naturally what many people want in a place where rest and relaxation are of utmost importance. 

A great way to get an exposed beam aesthetic in the bedroom without spending thousands on actual wood is to install faux wood beams. Faux wood is lightweight, inexpensive, easy to install, and provides the authentic look you’d get with natural wood.

General Tips For Using Faux Wood Beams In Bedrooms  

When installing faux wood beams in the bedroom, the following tips may help.

Get some samples first

Faux wood manufacturers often provide inexpensive samples of their products to give you an idea of how faux beams would look in your home. They’ll come in a variety of textures and styles with different staining so you can compare colors.

Getting some samples in advance can help you plan the exact look you want for your bedroom before you commit to a particular style or color.

Consider the aesthetic you desire

When planning to install faux wood beams, it’s important to consider the style you want for the space. If you want a warmer, cozier look, you may want rougher textures with lighter brown staining. A classier look, on the other hand, might involve dark, saw cut textured beams.

The style of beams is also important. A truss system will bring a ceiling’s visual elevation down a few feet, whereas straight beams will preserve the spaciousness of a vaulted ceiling.

Take a look at some pictures

It never hurts to look at some pictures to get inspiration for how you would use faux wood beams in bedrooms. The following sections provide some ideas on how you can use faux wood beams in your home.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom can be either cozy or classy (or both). It depends on your taste. Let these ideas guide you in discovering what you want in your master bedroom.

Wooden ceiling

Faux Wood Beams In The Bedroom - Wooden ceiling

Instead of breaking up a monotonous ceiling with a handful of beams straight across the top, why not go for a full wooden look? Faux wood planks combined with thicker beams add a rustic, warm appearance to your master bedroom, making it the perfect place to cozy up after a long, tiring day.

This design idea works best if you prefer old-timey, rustic appearances over modern chic aesthetics. Visually speaking, it will warm up the room significantly.

Break up a white ceiling

Faux Wood Beam Design Ideas In The Bedroom - Break up a white ceiling

The warmer colors of faux wood beams can be an excellent option to break up an otherwise monotonous white ceiling. The effect here is twofold:

  1. The rich, dark wooden color adds visual interest by placing a splash of color.
  2. Faux wood beams bring the height of the ceiling down, so the space feels more comfortable.

Darker wood color can achieve this effect while also preserving modern decor choices.

Create a coffered ceiling

Faux Wood Beam Design Ideas In The Bedroom - Coffered Ceiling

Instead of straight beams moving one direction, why not crisscross them? It’s easy to create a coffered ceiling with a lightweight material such as faux wood. Like other uses, this can be a great way to add visual interest without the high expense of real wood.

Beams can also be used to frame lighting fixtures, adding to their functionality.

Other Bedrooms

These ideas work for bedrooms in general—like children’s rooms or guest rooms—as well as a few niche cases, such as attic rooms.


Faux Wood Beams In The Bedroom - Rafters

Faux wood rafters can transform a bedroom into a more rustic space, bringing on a feeling of older, simpler times. That effect can be perfect for a children’s room—inspiring the imagination in the process—or to make a guest room feel welcoming. On top of that, it doesn’t cost as much as installing actual rafters.

Rafters can be easily complemented by other pieces around the room, such as artwork on the walls. Combining multiple visual elements will help to establish the effect of a rustic space.

Warm up the attic

Faux Wood Beams In The Bedroom - Warm up the attic

Attic bedrooms often have limited space, so it can be difficult to put a creative mark on them with decorative accents. The result is usually a boring room that feels cramped. Rafters or other faux wood accents can improve the aesthetic of these small areas, and when done properly, they’ll have it feeling more cozy than cramped.

Installing Faux Wood Beams In Bedrooms

Due to their lighter weight, faux wood beams are easy to handle and install. All you need is a friend to assist you, a few basic tools, and an idea, and you’re set to go!

Of course, if you’re not comfortable installing your faux wood beams, professional installation is always an option. Either way, it’s a fast, simple, and affordable way to boost the look of your bedrooms.

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