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How to Get Cheap Wood Ceiling Beams that Look Luxurious

How to Get Cheap Wood Ceiling Beams that Look Luxurious

There are many ways to make a home look more luxurious than what you paid for it. New windows, chandeliers, and wooden beams can spruce up your home and enrich its appearance. Exposed ceiling beams and rafters have become more popular in recent years. They look impressive and add a great deal of aesthetic appeal to a home, but hardwood can be expensive. Fortunately, there are some workaround solutions to be able to get the same luxurious look without the high levels of cost associated with real wooden beams. The key is to choose faux wood ceiling beams. Yes, it’s true; faux wood provides all the visual appeal of real wood without the added cost.

Advantages of Using Cheap Faux Wood Ceiling Beams

The solution to these issues is to use faux wood ceiling beams. They offer numerous advantages over real wood, including the following:

Lower Upfront Cost

On average, faux wood beams cost less upfront than real wood. This is because they are made of lightweight polyurethane, which is a far more cost-effective material than hardwood.

Easier Installation

Since polyurethane is drastically lighter than hardwood, it is easier to install. There is no need to make sure the frame in your house is sufficient to bear the load. Also, the process of installation is much simpler to execute with fewer people, making cheap wood ceiling beams perfect for DIYers.

Less Structural Strain

The amount of structural strain caused by real wood can take its toll on a house, not only after the initial installation but long-term as well. Lightweight faux wood beams can prevent this strain, making your home less prone to structural damage in the event of water leaks or pests.

Lower Upkeep

Unlike wood, faux wood is resistant against the wear and tear that you’d have with mahogany, oak, walnut, etc. It’s waterproof, so there’s no risk of warping, water damage, or mold. In addition, pests such as termites won’t chew through it, leaving it structurally intact.

Highly Attractive Aesthetic

The ultimate goal here, of course, is to have a visually attractive result. Those who opt for cheap wood ceiling beams may worry that they won’t have the same luxurious appeal as real wood, but that’s actually not the case. Faux wood beams are sculpted and painted to have all the intricate details and rich colors that you’d get with authentic wooden beams, making them a highly cost-effective way to increase the beauty of your home.

Challenges of Using Real Wood Over Cheap Faux Wood Ceiling Beams

To understand even further how faux wood can be a great way to give your home a luxurious makeover, let’s also take a look at the challenges that come with real wood ceiling beams. Disadvantages of real wood include:

High Upfront Cost

Genuine wood, especially richer woods like mahogany or walnut, will cost quite a bit per beam. Lining your living room ceiling with a series of several thick walnut beams may easily break your budget.

High Maintenance

In addition to the high upfront cost of real wood, it also requires maintenance in order to remain strong and secure. Otherwise, moisture and pests could make their way into the material and cause it to warp, crack, and sag.

Difficult to Install

Aside from the high costs, real wood is very heavy. This makes it challenging to install, especially if your home’s frame isn’t designed for the extra load. Installing real wooden beams in your home may become an unanticipated and rather expensive renovation process.

Incorporating Faux Wood Ceiling Beams Into Your Home

There are several ways to take advantage of faux wood to upgrade your home’s appearance. Design ideas for using cheap faux wood ceiling beams include:

Trussed Living Room Ceiling

This is very simple, yet the trusses add tremendous detail. Instead of having a blank ceiling, it’s now framed in a way that makes the space feel much cozier than before.

cheap faux wood beam

Latticework Ceiling

This area is outlined in such a way that adds a detail to the ceiling without it being overly elaborate. Sensible and tasteful, the grid pattern enriches this room without breaking the bank.

inexpensive wood beam

Rustic Dining Room

Rustic aesthetics are what’s new in luxury, and this dining room uses richly colored beams to add warmth while also bringing the ceiling down to earth just a little.

affordable wood beam

Rafters Trusses

Rustic style rafter trusses, like these, match most spaces, including this area with the stone hearth and chimney. It produces an old-time feel, evoking feelings of cozy times gone by.

low cost faux wood beam

Factors To Consider When Choosing Faux Wood Ceiling Beams

When choosing a faux wood design for your home, there are a number of factors to take into account. Considerations for choosing faux wood beams include:

Desired Outcome

Is your desired outcome a classier vibe, or are you going for something cozier? Modern or old-fashioned? The answers to these questions will determine what kind of cheap wood ceiling beam is best for your project.

Color Scheme

Warmer colors tend to invite a more comfortable feeling into a room, whereas lighter colors make a place feel brighter. Dark wood colors, on the other hand, may create a more high-class look.

Space Requirements

Do you want to make a place feel more expansive or cozier? Also, how much room is there on the ceiling for beams? This is a major factor in determining how many beams should be installed and how they should be arranged.

Find Cheap Faux Wood Ceiling Beams Now

AZ Faux offers a huge selection of cheap faux wood ceiling beams. They’re available in custom sizes and finishes to precisely match your project requirements. Reach out to us anytime for help choosing faux wood beams and designs for your next home improvement project.

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