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Using Faux Wood Beams in Commercial Design

Using Faux Wood Beams in Commercial Design

Many contractors and design professionals are choosing faux wood beams for commercial projects. Faux wood beams are affordable, easy to install and require very little labor. From restaurants to retail, hotels to office buildings, faux wood beams are a versatile, and practical, way to enhance commercial properties.

Time, budget and structural limitations are all factors that impact what’s possible when drafting up plans. Faux wood beams are a solution that overcomes many of the challenges associated with commercial design.

Faux wood beam installation is quick and easy, often only requiring one to two people, so your client can get back to business faster.  Depending on the number of beams and complexity of your design, installation time may be as little as one day.

Whether you’re working on a small chain or nationwide company, faux wood beams fit into your budget. Unlike real wood, polyurethane beams are extremely cost-effective. At AZ Faux Beams, we don’t think you should have to sacrifice quality and innovation to stay in budget.

Top 4 Places to Install Faux Wood Beams

Faux Wood Beams in Commercial Design - Restaurants


These days, dining out is just as much about the food on the menu as the atmosphere of the establishment. Remodeling a restaurant, or building new construction, the easy installation of faux wood beams keeps your timeline on track so that you can open doors as expected.

Depending on the restaurant’s theme and brand, faux wood beams can be used in various applications to set an ambiance or enhance an existing one. Design a dramatic ceiling with faux wood beams, use them to define and separate, or create an entryway that patrons won’t forget.

Faux Wood Beams in Commercial Design - Hotels


If you’re staying in a hotel, it’s either for business or pleasure. Hotel design should equally play upon both. And with so many unique spaces within a hotel, faux wood beams are a diverse material to augment any design scheme.

Lobbies, coffee bars, spas, casinos, you name it any area can benefit from the versatility of faux wood beams. From elaborate truss systems in a sky-high lobby to coffered designs in a casino, faux wood beams have the potential to be arranged in a variety of ways to highlight various hotel spaces.  

Retail Stores

Retail design is unique in that the exterior storefront draws you in, but the interior offers the atmosphere necessary for a pleasurable shopping experience. Faux wood beam installation in retail spaces can mean the difference in a one-time customer and a repeat customer. It’s all about the ambiance and creating an exceptional shopping experience.

Installation of faux wood beams in retail stores include dramatic ceiling designs, simple framing of wall displays, and everything in between. Dressing rooms shouldn’t be overlooked. Consider using faux wood beams with recessed lighting so trying on items is flattering and enjoyable.

Office Buildings

Just like hotels and retail stores should be inviting to guests, so should office spaces. Not only do you want to design an office that is comfortable for employees to work in, but also warmly welcomes visitors. When an office lacks warmth it can affect productivity, as well as impact the impression of those visiting.

Office buildings range in type and size, and the design should tastefully complement. Fortunately, the versatility of faux wood beams makes it so that any type of corporate interior can be enhanced. From small offices to large, open floor plan workspaces, faux wood beams can be used in a variety of arrangements to appropriately alter the atmosphere.

Faux Wood Beams in Commercial Design - Office Game Room

Realistic, Practical & Affordable Commercial Design

The right design choices can go a long way in helping the success of a business. Faux wood beams are an inexpensive, easy to install solution that improves any commercial design project. They’re maintenance free, insect-proof and fire resistant, too.

Our architectural consultants are ready to assist with your faux wood beam order. Contact us today!