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Old Timber Collection

Old Timber Collection

AZ Faux Beams Customer Highlights—3 Great Uses for Faux Wood Beams in 2017

There’s something about the way exposed beams make a home feel. Warm, inviting, cozy are a few perceptions that come to mind. It’s no wonder why the popularity of faux wood beams has soared in recent years. And if you’re curious about bringing the trend to life in your home, you’ve come to the right place!   

Whether you are looking for smooth or rough texture, raised grain, distressed or contemporary, our faux wood beam collection has all the styles you need for your next home improvement or remodeling project.  Create any vision, in any room of your home!

Faux Wood Beams Applications

Old TImber Faux Wood Beams in Rich Walnut Installed in Living Room

  • Add dimension to a flat ceiling with straight arranged beams (use “straight” image)
  • Lengthen the appearance of hallways  
  • Design a truss system to emphasize cathedral ceilings (use “truss” image)
  • Frame entry ways in between different areas of the home  

Warmth + Ambiance with Old Timber Faux Wood Beams

Our customers have had tremendous success not only transforming their homes with our faux wood beams, but they’ve completed installation with no issue. From beams that make a statement on their own, to those paired with decorative corbels and accent straps, so many looks can be achieved. Check out these projects using Old Timber faux wood beams in our popular rich walnut finish:

One customer from Scottsdale, AZ, paired Old Timber faux wood beams in rich walnut with matching decorative corbels in this amazing dining room renovation. The finished result is classic, contemporary and complimentary of the home’s Spanish architecture.

Old TImber Faux Wood Beams Ideas in Dining Area

In Albuquerque, NM, our customer also chose Old TImber faux wood beams in rich walnut for his living room and arranged them in a straight ceiling design matched with faux iron straps, the completed look is modern and rustic.

Old TImber Faux Wood Beams in Rich Walnut

Another customer achieved their vision of a dramatic, gothic design for their dining room remodel with our Old Timber faux wood beams. This product paired with plank wood floors and custom millwork really finishes out the space

Old Timber Faux Wood Beams.

What you want, when you want it—Old Timber faux wood beams come Custom-Handmade or pre-made size!

As you can see from these faux wood beam project photos, our customers have found their own way of incorporating this versatile product into different rooms in their home. Dining rooms and living rooms are popular areas to install faux wood beams. Here’s how every room in your home can benefit from ceiling beams…

Dining Room—By adding architectural detail to a dining area, you can create an ambiance perfect for anything from dinner parties to holiday gatherings. Transform the room in your home that may be seldom used into a place that you want to enjoy a meal with family, everyday!

Living Room—Possibly one of the most lived in spaces of your home, the living room or den is an excellent area to install faux wood beams. Give the illusion the room is larger, draw attention upwards and create warmth that encourages your family to kick back and relax.

Kitchen—The heart of the home serves numerous purposes. Daily meals and chit chat to dinner parties and entertaining, kitchen décor requires a delicate balance. With so many beam styles and design ideas you can create virtually any look without jeopardizing valuable space.

Hallways—The gateway to other areas of your home, hallways are an interesting place to incorporate faux wood beams. Dull and narrow on its own, you can easily dress up your hallway, adding length and dimension with a basic ceiling beam design.

Bedrooms—Your bedroom is a retreat at the end of the day, and the style and feel of the space should make you feel relaxed. Faux wood beams in a bedroom produce multiple effects; they add texture, create visual partitions and serve as framing accents. Low ceilings? No problem, faux wood beams are great for ceilings of all heights!

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Benefits + Advantages of Faux Wood Beams

Need more reasons to fall in love with AZ Faux Beams faux wood beam collections? Head over to our design gallery, or read more about the benefits and unique features of this versatile product…

  • Faux wood beams complement all varieties of home architecture from contemporary to rustic, Victorian to Spanish, and everything in between.
  • Increases home value in a literally maintenance-free application.
  • Add style and function—build central air vents, surround sound, recessed lighting, ceiling fans into the design or even use the beams to hide electrical wiring.
  • Provides a simple and inexpensive fix for structural issues like cracked, uneven, or popcorn-style ceilings.
  • Polyurethane composition makes for lightweight, easy installation.
  • Eco-friendly design that won’t crack, split, warp or become visibly dry like real wood.

Interested in seeing for yourself how faux wood beams can transform your home’s interior? Order beam samples and begin discovering which style and finish will best serve your next home improvement or remodeling project.

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