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Types Of Faux And Fake Ceiling Beams

Types Of Faux And Fake Ceiling Beams

Ceiling beams are one of the most striking architectural features a home can possess, adding warmth, depth, and richness to just about any room.

Unfortunately, installing solid wood beams is often impractical due to their expense and weight. Luckily, faux ceiling beams can offer the same look without the high price tag and difficulty associated with real wood.

10 Aged & Contemporary Faux Ceiling Beam Styles

Whatever your home's style and your personal taste, there's almost certainly a fake ceiling beam to match your vision.  

Here are 10 styles and textures that fake ceiling beams can offer your next project.

Aged Beams

Trying to evoke classic style and old world craftsmanship in your home? Look no further than these aged faux ceiling beam styles.

Whether your home is an American Colonial or embraces Victorian style, these faux ceiling beams can help the interior of your home complement the exterior.

Rustic Beams

Rustic Beams

Rustic faux beams are ideal for the homeowner who wants to capture the look of a well-built, weathered American farmhouse or a Tuscan country home.

Often cast from real wood fir beams, such beams are highly textured and feature heavy distressing with large knots and surface crevices. Opt for a more polished look with walnut finishing or fully embrace these beams' rustic nature and leave them unfinished.

View Rustic Faux Beams

Old Timber Beams

Old Timber Beams

These fake wooden beams are intended to look as though they were cut from old growth wood.

Finishes can range from honey pine and rich walnut to mahogany and weather gray, providing homeowners with a wide range of options and looks. The edges on these beams are rounded, making them look as though they were actually hewn from a log. This style is perfect for a rural country home--or a suburban home looking to capture the feel of the countryside.

View Old Timber Faux Beams

Old Tuscan Beams

Old Tuscan Beams

Looking for a beam option that can bring old world charm to your home?

Old Tuscan faux ceiling beams embody the essence of Mediterranean style, and they work beautifully with a range of architectural styles from Italian to eighteenth-century American.

Like Old Timber beams, these faux beams are highly distressed, with "axe marks" that make them look as though a craftsman shaped them by hand. Old Tuscan beams are perfect to use as a complement with a fireplace mantel or as part of a truss system, and they come in a wide range of finishes from espresso to oak.

View Old Tuscan Faux Beams

Hand Hewn Beams

Hand Hewn Beams

Real hand hewn wooden beams are stunningly beautiful, reflecting the dedication and the skill of the craftsman who shaped fir logs into wooden beams using nothing more than a hand axe and sweat.

A true American style, hand hewn beams reflect the realities of life of the American settler who had to build their homes themselves--and these faux ceiling beams in the hand hewn style offer all of that beauty and style at a mere fraction of the price.

View Hand Hewn Faux Beams

Saw Cut Beams

Saw Cut Beams

As the name implies, these fake ceiling beams are made to look as though they were cut by an old sawmill. The beauty of saw cut beams is that they work in a variety of applications, from simple ceiling beam designs to complicated truss systems.

The range of finishes combined with their pleasantly rough grain makes these beams suitable for many architectural and interior styles as well.

View Saw Cut Faux Beams

Rough Sawn Beams

Rough Sawn Beams

Like saw cut beams, rough sawn beams are designed to look as though they were recently milled by an antique sawmill.

The rough, coarse texture of the "wood" invokes true craftsmanship and an older way of doing things. Rough sawn beams work particularly well in interiors that utilize rustic decor, with the grain providing a sense of coziness and hominess.

View Rough Sawn Faux Beams

Contemporary Beams

Of course, newer-style homes may benefit from the beauty of faux ceiling beams, too.

These contemporary fake ceiling beam styles can create a loft-like feeling in your living room or provide height and depth to your kitchen and dining room with a truss system.

Majestic Beams

Majestic Beams

Subtle yet striking, this style of faux wood beam is designed to integrate well into any room of any home.

The subtly raised texture of the wood grain creates interest and a strong focal point, yet the understated nature of this finish provides the majestic beam with great versatility.

In its four-sided option, these faux beams make a wonderful choice for use in a truss system.

View Majestic Faux Beams

Woodcrafted Beams

Woodcrafted Beams

For homeowners who prefer the subtle look provided by majestic beams but would like slightly more texture, woodcrafted beams fit the bill perfectly.

The clean lines combined with the strong wood grain texture make these fake ceiling beams a good fit for rooms that straddle the line between classic and contemporary, and they work well in spaces like kitchens, great rooms, and outdoor living spaces.

With a wide variety of finishes from mahogany and espresso to oak and light walnut, woodcrafted beams are truly one of the most adaptable architectural features that you can add to your home.

View Woodcrafted Faux Beams

Sandblasted Beams

Sandblasted Beams

If you like the look of the "wood" in old timber beams but prefer a sleeker, more modern finish, sandblasted beams may be able to meet your design requirements.

These faux ceiling beams have a strong and deep grain, evoking the look of old wood. However, unlike old timber beams, these beams are cut with strong squared edges rather than weathered rounded edges, making them a better fit for clean contemporary spaces.

View Sandblasted Faux Beams

Wind Drift Beams

Wind Drift Beams

Love the look of wood grain with its swirls and knots? Then wind drift beams are for you!

Ideal for beach homes and seaside cottages, these faux wooden beams also work perfectly in any suburban home that wants to capture that coastal style all year round. The vintage feel of the beams perfectly represents some of the biggest home interior design trends of the moment while still remaining timeless and classic.

View Wind Drift Faux Beams

Choosing Among Fake Ceiling Beam Styles

Clearly, no matter the style of your home, there's a faux ceiling beam to match it.

Even better, these fake ceiling beams can provide your home with all the beauty and richness of wood at a mere fraction of the price.

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