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Why Professionals Prefer Faux Wood Beams – AZ Faux Beams

Why Professionals Prefer Faux Wood Beams – AZ Faux Beams

It’s no doubt that customers love AZ Faux’s selection of faux wood beams for their home improvement and remodeling projects. We provide customers a great selection of beams and other decorative products at competitive prices. Our team also offers design ideas, installation assistance and helpful tips. So, whatever your vision, it’s easily achievable and affordable.  

Homeowners aren’t the only ones attracted to the benefits. Contractors and remodeling professionals often rely on faux wood beams as their material of choice for work.

Why, you ask?  

Strict budgets, tight time frames and labor costs are all reasons to use faux wood products.  Real wood is far more expensive, labor intensive and trickier to install.

Here are some of the top reasons that contractors and remodeling professionals, along with their clients, prefer faux wood beams and other faux wood decorative products…

It Looks Like the Real Thing! Whether your project design calls for raised grain or deep cracks and knots, faux wood beams mimic real wood right down to the texture and finish.  For that reason, many contractors and design professionals confidently recommend faux wood beams.  Unless you’re the installer, it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference!  

They’re Budget-Friendly. Contractors looking to stay within their client’s budget will find polyurethane beams to be the most cost-effective material for their projects.  What’s even better is they don’t require contractors and designers to sacrifice creativity for affordability.  Even on the tightest budget, design possibilities are abundant.  

They’re Lightweight & Easy to Install: Real wood is very heavy and cumbersome to handle, often requiring a team of individuals.  The installation process becomes lengthy and increases labor costs.  For clients with a tight budget, faux wood beams can keep the cost down and the timeline on track!  

Total Customization. If your client doesn’t want modern sandblasted or traditional old timber, not to worry!  Many of our beams are available unfinished so you have artistic freedom to stain, paint or use other special finishing techniques so the beams are exactly what your client envisions.  

They’re Hollow.  Not only does this affect ease of installation, but the ability to customize beams.  Unlike real wood, faux wood beams are hollow inside.  Contractors, designers and customers appreciate this characteristic because it opens the option for surround sound, recessed lighting and other electrical components and wiring to be hidden inside or built into the beams.

They’re Maintenance Free, Insect-Proof & Fire-Resistant. Faux wood beams are made of polyurethane, a literally maintenance-free material. Unlike real wood beams, the faux version doesn’t attract wood-boring pests that can cause significant damage. Also. they aren’t susceptible to rotting, cracking and splitting that happens over time with real wood. Our polyurethane beams can even be sealed with a fire-retardant coating, making them the safer choice. These are advantages for both the contractor and their clients.

Whether you’re looking for design ideas to show your client or you’re ready to begin installation, AZ Faux can offer all the assistance you need to get your faux wood beam project underway.  Contact us today for more information!

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