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30 Decorative Faux Beam Ideas That Will Transform Your Home

30 Decorative Faux Beam Ideas That Will Transform Your Home

Faux wood ceiling beams can enhance your home in so many places and so many different ways! Ceiling beams may complement your current color scheme, provide contrast, or highlight distinctive architectural features. Read on for a list of gorgeous beamed ceiling ideas.

Explore Faux Wood Ceiling Beam Ideas

The possibilities for ceiling beams are truly endless. All you need is a strong concept and a little imagination. Here, we’ll demonstrate 30 wood ceiling beam ideas for your home.

  • Unique Faux Beam Design Ideas
  • Coves, Domes, Vaults & Trusses
  • Dramatic Wood Beam Rafter Designs
  • Coffered & Patterned Faux Beam Ceiling Ideas
  • Traditional Faux Beam Design Ideas

Unique Faux Beam Design Ideas

Faux wood beams aren’t only seen on the ceiling. There are countless ways to use beams in a unique way that also adds contrast and visual appeal to your home.

Faux Wood Beam Rustic Kitchen Doorway Design Idea

Rustic Kitchen Doorway

Contrasting with the modern design of the kitchen, rustic beams frame the entryway—giving friends and family an old-fashioned welcome.

Check out our Old Tuscan Faux Wood Beam in Brunette.

Faux Wood Beam Design Ideas: FWB and Framing

Dynamic Stairway Framing

This unique faux beam design idea uses dark beams to frame a modern stairway. The beams on the ceiling of the same color, contrast with the light brown leather sofa.

Get this look by trying our Magnolia Faux Wood Beam in Fresh Coffee.

Faux Wood Beam Design Ideas: Curtain Rod Camouflage

Curtain Rod Camouflage

The faux wood beams here cover the curtain rod in this vaulted wood beam ceiling design.

Achieve this look in a flash with our Quick Ship Dock Wood Beam!

Cozy Bathing Enclave

A little goes a long way with this faux beam idea! Short wood beams installed over top of the bathing enclave create a relaxing vacation-like oasis in your own home.

Faux Wood Beam Design Ideas: Skylight Slotting

Skylight Slotting

The light let in through the ceiling is filtered through faux wood planks, creating a bright yet sheltered feel to complement the wood floor.

Discover all of your ceiling plank options here.

Faux Wood Beam Design Ideas: Rows of Lanterns

Rows Of Lanterns

The hanging lights are set apart with darkened faux wood beams, which enhance the slate blue tone of the ceiling.

For a look like this, check out our Wind Drift Faux Wood Beam in Espresso Brown.

Coves, Domes, Vaults & Trusses

No matter the size of the room, faux wood beams add interest and height that draws the eye upward. Faux wood ceiling beams can complement or accentuate the architecture of your rounded or vaulted ceiling.

Faux Wood Beam Design Ideas: Exposed Rounded Cove Ceiling

Exposed Rounded Cove Ceiling

The rich, dark colors of the exposed ceiling beams balance with the marbled wallpaper and natural light in a high-class, yet cozy manner.

Faux Wood Beam Design Ideas: Faux Wood Beams Crisscross under a Vault

Impressive Dome Design

Faux wood beams crisscross under a vault, filtering the light from the windows and highlighting its domed design.

Get this look with our Hewn Faux Wood Beams in Log.

Faux Wood Beam Design Ideas: Bowed Vaulted Ceiling Beams

Bowed Vaulted Ceiling Beams

The curves introduced by the arched trusses in this wood beam design lower the ceiling for a cozy atmosphere while accentuating the high vault in the center of the room.

Faux Wood Beam Design Ideas: Simple Trusses on a Shallow Vault

Simple Trusses On A Shallow Vault

The shallow vault of the ceiling is brought down by the lightly browned trusses for a cozier feel to the space.

Add structural elegance to your space with our Faux Wood Truss Systems.

Faux Wood Beam Design Ideas: Vaulted Open Two Story

Arched Truss Two-Story Foyer

The arched truss makes this two-story foyer feel open, airy, and more welcoming. The beams immediately draw the eye upward to admire the grand chandelier and second-floor railing.

Faux Wood Beam Design Ideas: Bright, Airy Living Space

Bright, Airy Living Space

These wood ceiling beams blend seamlessly with the bright color of the vaulted ceiling, adding a touch of ornate, yet modest style.

Try painting your unfinished Saw Cut Faux Wood Beams for a custom look!

Faux Wood Beam Design Ideas: Bricks, Cream, and Trusses

Natural Wood-Look Trusses and Stone Accents

Thick faux wood trusses look best in large, open rooms like this one. Here, the size and finish of the ceiling beams match the warm vibe of the stone fireplace.

Explore everything you can do with your mantel & fireplace and be sure to check out our Faux Stone Wall Panels!

Dramatic Wood Beam Rafter Designs

Take advantage of the natural light streaming into your home with an intricate rafter design that delivers modern looks with a warm, dramatic feel.

Faux Wood Beam Design Ideas: Vaulted Rafters and Windows

Vaulted Ceiling Beams, Rafters, And Windows

This farmhouse-style wood beam ceiling idea creates a spectacular sight with the play of window light through the exposed beams.

Faux Wood Beam Design Ideas: Squared Rafters

Squared Rafters

The beams in this space form square rafters to bring the high ceiling vault closer to home for more comfortable living and dining space.

Discover how to get this look with our Old Barn Faux Wood Beam in Espresso Brown.

Coffered & Patterned Faux Beam Ceiling Ideas

A coffered or patterned ceiling is a classically used architectural detail typically consisting of a series of rectangular or square grids. Using faux wood ceiling beams to achieve this look is a simple way to add drama to a basic ceiling.

Coffered faux beam design

Perfect Grid, Coffered Beam Design

This wide-open room is brought to life with a perfect coffered beam design. The light from the windows illuminates the grid which adds eye-catching appeal to the room. Consider beams that completely contrast with the ceiling for an extra pop of color.

Coffered faux beam design in a light, airy kitchen

A Coffered Ceiling to Compliment Wood Accents

This decorative faux beam using Old Tuscan Faux Beams in Sable gives this bright kitchen a warmer vibe. The coffered wood ceiling beams perfectly complement the wood floor and barstools.

Faux Wood Beam Design Ideas: Rustic Coffered-Beamed Ceiling

Rustic Coffered-Beamed Ceiling

In an otherwise classic space, the crisscrossing beams here combine rustic textures with a modern coffered ceiling concept.

Faux Wood Beam Design Ideas: Thick Crossbeams

Thick Crossbeams

The thick faux wood beam design crisscrosses the curved tray ceiling, complemented by green plants and cream-painted walls.

Try our Hewn Faux Wood Beams in Cappuccino to get this look.

A cozy dining nook with a coffered wood beam ceiling.

Define the Space with Coffered Beams

The coffered ceiling in the kitchen, against the faux wood beams sprawling across the living room ceiling, gives this open-concept floor plan a fresh look.

Faux Wood Beam Design Ideas: Tic-Tac-Toe


The hatching over the eat-in island and cooking space, in addition to the framed doorway, reinforces that the kitchen is truly the heart of this home.

Click here to explore more kitchen design ideas.

Faux Wood Beam Design Ideas: Coffered Texture Frames the Ceiling Fan

Tall And Modern

In one of the most striking ceiling beam ideas, a coffered texture frames the ceiling fan and completes this grand two-story open space.

Faux Wood Beam Design Ideas: Angular Space Marker

Angular Space Marker

Another ceiling beam idea utilizes faux wood beams to map out the space, separating one area from the next with interesting angles.

Traditional Faux Beam Design Ideas

Wood ceiling beams have been used for centuries as structural support and decoration. These traditional faux beam design ideas take any room, hallway, or foyer to the next level.

Faux Wood Beam Design Ideas: Exposed ceiling with whitewashed space

Exposed Narrow Beams

The exposed ceiling transports a modern aesthetic back in time, adding a cozy touch to the whitewashed space.

Faux Wood Beam Design Ideas: Inverted Beams and Trays

Inverted Beams And Trays

Wooden slats cover the ceiling while whitewashed beams form the trays in this elegant ceiling beam idea.

Pair our Old Tuscan Faux Wood Planks with an unfinished faux wood beam and easily paint or stain to your exact liking using a water-based product.

Faux Wood Beam Design Ideas: Whitewashed Beams

Whitewashed Beams

Smooth ceiling beams complement the burnt sienna overhead, framing panels for a tray ceiling aesthetic.

Faux Wood Beam Design Ideas: Lowered Low Ceiling

Lowered Low Ceiling

The lowered ceiling, marked by beams, is brought even lower with three faux wood beams running across.

Faux beam design ideas for living rooms

Outline an Entire Room

Faux wood beams surround this room as trim on top of the entryway and across the vaulted ceiling. A matching faux wood mantel brings the look together.

Rustic faux wood beams in a living room

Accessorized Beams

Rustic ceiling beams installed over a white ceiling create a woodsy feel that works perfectly with the stone fireplace.

Clavos straps around the beams add an extra look of authenticity.

Adorn an Expansive Ceiling

This large open-concept room that includes the kitchen, living room, and dining room is now a cohesive space thanks to narrow faux wood beams installed to span the entire area.

Put Your Faux Wood Ceiling Beam Ideas Into Action

At AZ Faux, we encourage you to use these faux wood design ideas as inspiration in your next home improvement project.

Depending on the structure and architecture of your space, any of these designs could be brought to fruition in your home. Click below to contact us and discuss your ideas, or view even more inspiration for your next faux beam project!