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Faux Wood Beams For Vaulted Ceilings

Faux Wood Beams For Vaulted Ceilings

Vaulted ceilings can make a space look more vast and sprawling than it might actually be, and the effect can leave a room feeling empty. Installing faux wood beams on a vaulted ceiling can bring about an inviting and comfortable feel, while also adding variety to the room. The result is a pleasant atmosphere that still feels spacious without overdoing the effect.

How Faux Wood Beams Enhance Vaulted Ceilings

Faux wood beams can be used in several ways to enhance your vaulted ceilings. 

Add color to create visual interest

Bare ceiling space looks plain. Faux wood beams and trusses can add a splash of color to an otherwise monochromatic space. With a bit of extra variety, the space gets more visual interest than it would have without any ceiling elements.

The key here is contrast. If you have a vaulted ceiling that’s predominantly painted in a cool color (blue, gray), incorporating ceiling beams in a warm color will brighten the space. On the other hand, a room in a warm paint color (cream, beige) could gain some extra class from a darker color beam.

Create a cozier look

Vaulted ceilings give you a sense of a large, open space, which is great when you need to feel like you can stretch out and relax. However, it’s possible for the area to also feel empty. In those cases, adding trusses or beams to vaulted ceilings can help to bring the ceiling down (in a visual sense). It creates the illusion of a cozier area without making it feel cramped.

Trusses and beams are great for this purpose since they visually lower the elevation of the ceiling.

Add value to your investment

Any home with vaulted ceilings likely has a great deal of value already, but you can supplement that by including faux wood ceiling beams. The visual interest they create will beautify the space, potentially making future buyers more likely to say yes to a higher price tag.

If you plan to sell your home at any point, installing faux wood beams for vaulted ceilings can improve the value without requiring a massive upfront investment.

Hide unsightly flaws

Most homes have visual flaws here and there, such as cracks or blemishes in the paint or wires leading to hanging light fixtures. If your vaulted ceilings have a few unsightly elements, installing some faux wood beams can help hide those by either covering them up directly or simply providing something more interesting to catch the eye.

Truss Styles For Vaulted Ceilings

One great way to use faux wood beams to transform vaulted ceilings is with truss systems. Trusses come in a variety of styles, including the following.

King Post Straight Struts

faux wood beams for vaulted ceilings

For a basic triangular design, king post trusses with straight struts are reminiscent of rafters in rustic buildings. The result is a more old-fashioned look without an excess of detail.

Raised Cord King Post Truss

faux wood beams for vaulted ceilings

Raised cord king post trusses are similar to basic king post trusses, except that the lower beam is raised slightly. As such, they don’t bring the ceiling down quite as far, but still give the effect of rafters. The extended sides lining your ceiling can add an interesting aesthetic as well.

Arched Truss

faux wood beams for vaulted ceilings

For a bit of extra pizzazz, a row of sweeping arched trusses are a great option for elevating the visual appeal of a vaulted ceiling. Like raised cord trusses, they don’t bring the ceiling down quite as far, giving a truly dramatic accent to the overall space without shrinking it down too much.

Choosing The Right Beams For Vaulted Ceiling

Faux wood beams are much easier to install than real wood beams since they’re lighter and require minimal fastening—usually, you’ll just need some basic woodworking tools to get them into place. The process of installing faux wood beams in your vaulted ceiling begins with purchasing the right ones for your space.

Choosing the beams

As you decide what type of beams to use for your vaulted ceiling, consider the following:

  • Color – Warm or cool? Light or dark?
  • Texture – Smooth grain or rough hewn?
  • Style – Flat-lying beams or elaborate trusses? 

When choosing the style and color, think about how they’ll fit into your room as it now exists. Your faux wood beams should enhance the space without being overwhelming.

If you’re not sure what colors or styles you need for your vaulted ceiling, you can order some samples at a minimal cost.

Take measurements

Next, take measurements. The lengths of the beams you choose will depend on the size of the ceiling, how much head space you have, etc. Measurements should include:

  • Width of the room
  • Length (or depth) of the room
  • Height of the walls
  • The highest point of the ceiling
  • The slope length
  • Center ceiling width (if the ceiling peaks to flat at its highest point)

Place your order

After deciding on your type, color and style, and you have your measurements, you’re ready to place an order for your faux wood beams. As a bonus, the light weight of faux wood makes it easier to transport than real wood, saving on shipping costs as well as materials and installation.

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