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How to Use Faux Beams for Kitchens

How to Use Faux Beams for Kitchens

While your kitchen ceiling may not attract much conscious attention, its appearance does affect the overall feel of the room.

A plain white ceiling won’t do much for a kitchen. It can make the whole area seem rather bland, even to the point of detracting from an otherwise attractive aesthetic.

A ceiling fan, chandelier, or hanging lights may help, but to complete the look, you’ll need something a little more substantial. Kitchen ceiling beams can do wonders for your kitchen, all without the costs of actual wood.

Why Choose Faux Beams for Kitchens?

Faux wood is polyurethane that has been shaped and stained to mimic real wood in appearance. It’s not as strong or heavy as actual wood, so it can’t be used for structural framing, but it is great for decorative applications. Since faux wood weighs less, there’s no strain on your home’s structure, and it’s much easier to install.

Faux wood can transform your kitchen ceiling from plain to highly detailed, lending a cozy feel to a room that’s commonly referred to as the heart of the home.

Design Ideas for Faux Wood Kitchen Ceiling Beams

There are many ways that kitchen ceiling beams can improve the look of the entire space. Check out these kitchen ceiling beam design ideas.

Ribbed Look

If your kitchen has a peaked or vaulted ceiling, you can easily line it with faux wood beams, one straight across, the rest forming “ribs”. This creates the perfect backdrop for ceiling fixtures while clearing up the blandness of a plain ceiling.

Faux Beams Design Ideas for Kitchens - Ribbed Look

Truss Systems

Building on the ribbed look, faux beams can be used in vaulted ceilings to create truss system.

Truss systems hide attachment points for hanging fixtures while providing a good contrast. It can also bring the ceiling down a little, making it seem lower without being suffocating, ultimately achieving a cozier, more rustic kitchen.

Faux Beams Design Ideas for Kitchens - Truss Systems

Dome Grid

If you crave something more elaborate, a dome-shaped ceiling can be lined with faux wood beams to form a grid, effectively adding texture while framing the ceiling.

A similar grid approach can be used to accentuate the upper space in a more traditionally-shaped room as well.

Faux Beams Design Ideas for Kitchens - Dome Grid

Straight Bars

Sometimes the simplest approach is exactly what you need. Straight beams across a flat ceiling can create an “adobe hut” aesthetic, taking you back to the early days of the west. This can make for a very cozy cultural appearance for your kitchen.

Faux Beams Design Ideas for Kitchens - Straight Bars

Decorative Patterns

If you don’t necessarily want the exposed architecture look you’d get with the other kitchen ceiling beam designs, there are still ways to use faux wood to enhance the space.

For example, a simple latticework of beams can accentuate corners and frame hanging fixtures, all while adding texture to the ceiling and improving the overall aesthetic.

Faux Beams Design Ideas for Kitchens - Decorative Patterns

Additional Kitchen Ceiling Beam Design Ideas

There are limitless possibilities when it comes to using faux wood beams in a kitchen.

You’re not restricted to a single color, texture, or size, and there are various patterns you can use. It all depends on the current design and color scheme of the area as well as what you want the space to feel like.

Advantages of Faux Beams for Kitchens

Regardless of the design you choose for your kitchen ceiling, faux wood beams are an excellent way to achieve a desired effect.

Faux wood beam benefits include:

  • Shaped to simulate natural wood without the weight
  • Less expansion and contraction with high-density polyurethane compared to wood
  • Lightweight and easy to install without the need for specialized equipment
  • Fully weather-resistant, pest-proof and low maintenance
  • Enhance aesthetic; hides blemishes and imperfections

Installing Kitchen Ceiling Beams

Since faux wood is much lighter than real wood, installation is simple and straightforward.

Many of our customers install faux wood beams themselves in a matter of a few hours. For most projects, all that’s required is a ladder, screws and construction adhesive.

Order Faux Beams for Kitchens

Interested in seeing more kitchen ceiling beam design ideas? Have questions about your faux wood beam installation? Contact us today!