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Faux Beams Installation

Check out our installation videos to see how it works!

All of our products are delivered in a stain ready or paint ready condition with a double primer coat. Our wood-grained and stone-textured items come in beige, while all other items come in white. All products may be stained or painted prior to, or after installation. As a general rule, the fancier the finish, the more beneficial it is to apply the finish prior to installation, depending on your application and the skills of your painter and installer.

For painted finishes, all components may be treated just like wood. Most enamels and lacquers will work just fine. For exterior applications, use the same paint that is used on your house or trim.

For the “stained wood look" we recommend either MinWax Gel Stain, Wood Kote, General Finishes or the use of water-based lacquers. We use lacquer instead of enamel because the lacquer will dry quicker between coats. You may apply additional colors depending on the look desired. We suggest testing your finish on a small area prior to doing your whole project. For exterior applications we recommend applying a UV protective clear coat over all finishes except the Faux Stone panels.

All of our products can be installed using standard carpentry tools. We recommend using a high quality construction adhesive like PL Premium along with screws or nails. Be sure to put your fasteners through to studs or joists. For patching joints and holes, use non-shrinking sandable latex wood filler on interior products, and automotive bondo for exterior applications.

Faux beam installation is an easy, process. If you are not comfortable with your measuring and cutting skills, you might choose to have a finish carpenter or contractor install them for you.

Step 1 Decide the placement of your faux beams. Remember, you may have objects on your ceiling that might hinder exact placement, such as lights, fans, AC vents, smoke detectors and fire sprinklers.

Step 2 Measure and mark on the ceiling the centers of each faux ceiling beam. Snap a chalk line from mark to mark. This will give you a line to place your supports on from one side of the ceiling to the other.

Step 3 You should use 2x3 or 2x4 blocks bevel cut to fit the inner space of your faux beams. Use 1 block for every 4 ft of beam. The blocks are best held in place with a 3/16th x 4 inch toggle bolt . Drill holes in the ceiling along the chalk line using a 1/2 inch drill bit. Put your toggle bolts through a hole drilled directly in the center of your blocks.

(Note-You do not need to hit a stud to hold these beams up. If you do hit a stud, replace your toggle bolts with 4 inch deck screws). Tighten your block as tight as you can without pulling them through the drywall.

Step 4 Measure and cut your faux beams to length. Apply construction adhesive to the beam. Put the beam over your blocks and screw each side of the beam into the blocks with 2 inch long screws.

Step 5 You may have gaps at the bottom ends of your beams. These can be filled with our colored caulk. See the Supplies section for colors.