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Strap Installation

1.) Measure the width of the beam.

2.) Find the center of the strap and mark a center line on the back of the strap.

3.) Draw 2 lines on either side of the center line that is 1/2 the beams width + 3/8”.

4a.) Using a utility knife - cut a “pie” or “triangular” wedge that is 3/16” deep (maximum) & 3/8” wide. Be careful not to cut to deep!! This will allow the strap to fold around a tight or square corner. For larger radius corners 2-3 parellel smaller cuts are recommended. For very large radius corners it might not be necessary to cut a wedge.


4b.) As an alternative to 4a, use a hand-held mat cutter, the type used for picture framing (you can find it at a store like Hobby Lobby). Set the dept of the cut and cut at a 45 degree angle. Making two cuts at the correct width makes a perfect 90 degree notch at the right depth.

5.) Fit or fold strap around beam and make sure strap is square. Make any necessary cuts. Once strap is in place, draw a line on each side of the strap using a pencil.

6.) Apply a 1/4” - 3/8” bead of urethane construction adhesive to the back of the strap. Put adhesive in the wedge that was cut. Do not apply adhesive to close to the edge.

7.) Place strap on the bottom of the beam. Aline strap on the pencil marks and press firmly on strap to adhere the adhesive. nail strap on bottom corners first. Then nail off one side and then the other. At ground level look closely to see that the strap is flat. It may need a couple more nails to flatten. If the nail heads are showing, use a black “sharpie” and dot the head of the nail.